Simulation in jBPM (draft)

Recently some work has been started to provide simulation capabilities for jBPM. Simulation in many cases means different things to various people so let me start with context information on what simulation means to me and actually what current simulation component is capable of. Simulation of business process is targeting business analysts that work onRead more →

Service Task with web service implementation

Invocation of web services as part of business process is common and most likely because of that default implementation of Service Task in BPMN2 specification is web service. Recently (5.4) jBPM5 has gotten support for such activity. jBPM5 web service support is based on Apache CXF dynamic client. It provides dedicated Service Task handler (thatRead more →

JUDCon2012 – Boston

JUDCon 2012 in Boston was a great place to meet with fellow developers and discuss about future of jBPM. I had a pleasure to give a talk about experimental project that I have been working on for quite some time, but unfortunately not enough time was spent on it. Anyway, I gave a introduction toRead more →

Self managable user tasks – notification and reassignment

As a continuation of the first post, let’s try to make use of LDAP configuration to make actors aware of the tasks awaiting their attention. Human task service is capable of reacting on certain events such as task was not started or task was not completed in time. Currently there are two options a processRead more →

jBPM 5.3 brings LDAP into the picture

jBPM engine itself does not require to have knowledge about users and groups but to build more complete platform based on it sooner or later users and their memberships will be needed. Prior to version 5.3, jBPM relied on basic (and demo only) setup based on some property files. With 5.3 you can make useRead more →