Drools v3to4 Update Tool (Edson Tirelli)

Those following our progress on building the Drools Version 4.0 know that together with all the features we are adding to the language, we also had to do some API and syntax changes that break backward compatibility. Trying to minimize the impact of the upgrade from version 3.0.x to version 4.0, we would like toRead more →

API and Language changes

I’ve given notice several times on the mailing lists for these changes, so thought I would put the info up on the blog too, for maximum exposure. These changes are now under way. assert will change to insert Avoid the constant keyword collision with “assert”, most languages are seem to support this now Will changeRead more →

Language Expressiveness: Another Take (Edson Tirelli)

As most of the users know, one of the major targets of the 4.0 release of Drools/JBoss Rules is to improve expressiveness and simplify the language. Due to popular demand, we are glad to say that we just committed to the trunk (available in 4.0MR3) the changes to allow nested accessors, special syntax for mapRead more →

Local search 101 (Geoffrey De Smet)

I am working on a local search implementation on top of Drools.My proof of concept is already able to tackle planning problems such as: NQueens A simplified lesson schedule with teachers, groups, lessons and timeslots. Traveling Tournament Problem (TTP) (only breaking old records at the moment though) Local search and Drools turns out to beRead more →

Interview with Antlr 3.0 author Terence Parr

How did you got started with antlr? The critical moment was in 1988 while working in Paris with my friend Tom Burns, who later became my business partner at jGuru.com. At the time, Tom and I were working for a robotics company–I was building a compiler, interpreter, VM, and so on for a robot controlRead more →

W3C Rule Interchange Format for Production Rule Systems

I’ve just had the pleasure of working with Ilog on a Production Rule (PR) dialect implementation for the W3C’s Rule Interchange Format (RIF). The goal of RIF is to create a universal rule interchange format specification for all reasoning systems, they have focused on building a RIF Core based on Horn Rules, with dialect extensionsRead more →

Cleaning up the ANTLR DRL grammar (Edson Tirelli)

Yesterday I had the pleasure to work with Terence Parr on cleaning up the DRL grammar. All I can say is that I can’t recommend him enough. He is an awesome person, extremely professional and knows about what he is talking. The tasks he accomplished were: 1. He started solving ambiguities in the grammar rulesRead more →

Dynamic Salience Expressions

The other week in the mailing list someone was asking about whether it’s possible to have the salience’s value derived from the matched facts. Which got me thinking as I haven’t seen that in any other rule engines – I only know a few engines, so someone with more experience care to verify that? AnywayRead more →

Quick Start tutorial/movie for BRMS (Michael Neale)

I have created the first Quick Start movie, which is an introductory tutorial to the BRMS. This is my first attempt using “Wink” – and I realized that I had the screen resolution set too high after the fact, so consider this a practice run. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Click the imageRead more →

Working with JBoss Rules and Web Services

I’ve recently just done a project where JBoss Rules was used via web services. So thought I’d detail parts of what I did. With this particular project only the root object from the payload was asserted, the payload was not split into smaller relational objects and asserted, which is generally considered best practice; however weRead more →