Page and Form builder for Bootstrap responsive grid views – a progress update

Eder has made great progress on the page and form builder,  which are built on top of Bootstrap responsive grid views. We love the responsive aspects of Bootstrap grid views, but felt existing tools (such as Layoutit) exposed the construction of the grid too much to users. Further changing the structure of a page afterRead more →

UberFire Forms Builder for jBPM

The new UberFire form builder, that will be part of the jBPM 7.0 distribution, is making great progress. Underneath it is a Bootstrap grid system, but it addresses the issue of other Bootstrap layout builders that require the user to explicit add the grid layout first. Instead it dynamically alters the underlying grid as the userRead more →

Tutorial oriented user guides for Drools and jBPM

Community member Nicolas Heron, is creating tutorial oriented user guides for Drools and jBPM (Red Hat BRMS and BPMS). He’s focusing on the backends first, but it will eventually cover all the web tooling too, as well as installation and setup.All this work is available from bitbucket, using asciidoc and gitbook (free for public projects),Read more →

DecisionCamp And RuleML 2016, 6-9 July New York

This year RuleML 2016 is hosted by Stony Brook University, New York USA. Decision Camp 2016 is co-locating at the same event. I’ll be presenting at DecisionCamp and helping to chair the industrial track at RuleML. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and spending a week immersed in discussions on reasoning systems 🙂 http://2016.ruleml.org RuleML Schedule DecisionRead more →

Parallel Drools is coming – 12 core machine benchmark results

We are working on a number of different usage patterns for multi-core processing. Our first attempt is at fireAllRules batch processing (no rule chaining) of 1000 facts against increasing 12, 48, 192, and 768 rules – one join per rule. The break even point is around 48 rules. Below 48 rules the running time wasRead more →

Drools & jBPM are Hiring – Web Developer needed for Low-Code/No-Code framework

This position is now filed. Thank you.——The Drools & jBPM projects are looking to hire a web developer to help build and improve our low-code/no-code web framework and workbench. This framework is trying to make it possible to model business applications, end to end, fully within a web based environment – utilising data models, forms,Read more →

Rete Wall – Who coined the term and when?

The “Rete Wall” is a commonly used industry term, referring to potential performance limits of a standard Rete algorithm implementaiton. I’ve been googling and I cannot see this term used in google scholar at all, and the earliest reference i could find to this term was a JRules white paper, in 2006. So I’m wonderingRead more →

Drools: A detailed description of internal code cleanups for fireAllRules, fireUntilHalt and Timers.

In June we blogged about a new internal state machine to manage the interaction of User, Timer and Engine threads. We’ve now done another big internal clean up of this code, to make it easier to read and easier to understand. As previous mentioned all actions (insert, update, delete etc) are now placed into aRead more →

OOPath – Reactive XPath like functionality for Drools

Back in august I wrote a blog providing an update on our work around OOPath, it included links to unit tests a 26min presentation on the subject. This work provides a way to work with your Java models in Drools without having to flatten them, providing full reactivity over that graph of pojos. It alsoRead more →

Installing KIE Server and Workbench on same server

syndicated from—-A common requirement for installation on development machine is to run both KIE Workbench and KIE Server on same server to simplify execution environment and avoid any port offset configuration.This article will explain all installation steps needed to make this happen on two most frequently used containers: Wildfly 8.2.0.Final Apache Tomcat 8 Download binariesRead more →