Recall basic modeling concepts

In a business automation project, business process assets are described with BPMN diagram or CMMN diagrams. It’s recommended to base the creation of diagrams on specifications definition, therefore, the implementation will be executable in any software which attends to the specification. Process modeling knowledge is not restricted to specific products. Just like a Java classRead more →

Know Kie Server: let the engine work for you

During the design and development phases of an application, developers and architects should not spare valuable time around implementing a reliant and performant way to process the business rules and flows. How to scale and guarantee the proper execution of more than a hundred thousand rules? How to properly design an engine that consistently handlesRead more →

Know Business Central: Authoring, business monitoring, and more

Business Central is a Java Web-based application that supports the creation, management, and monitoring of business applications. It is not a required component, although, the usage of this tool can accelerate the development phase with proper rules and process authoring tools, form modeler components, advanced dashboard page creator with out-of-the-box components, and more. Once yourRead more →

Understanding key concepts of jBPM

Since jBPM 5 when the Drools project and jBPM project started walking together, a new project group name was defined: Knowledge Is Everything – KIE. Later on, the name KIE spread to git repositories, Maven archetypes, class names, and all the rest of the relevant code that is common to Drools and jBPM. A kieRead more →

Getting Started with jBPM

Being familiar your BA tool guides to better decision taking on development and architecture decisions. Let’s start by learning a little bit more about the core components and about jBPM installation. jBPM main components jBPM is mainly based on two components: Business Central and Kie Server. Reinforcing the concepts: business central is the authoring andRead more →

Know jBPM: your open-source business automation tool

Introduction: all flavors of open-source business automation With the reading of the previous posts, the fundamental concepts should be cleared and you can now take the next step: choose an automation tool and start the architecture design and implementation of a business application. Next are listed battle-tested solutions provided by KIE group and strengthened byRead more →

Digital transformation through a process-driven approach

We need to look at the corporation functioning atomically, as a whole, and the improvement journey needs to consider business and technology evolution. To work in a process-driven way is to achieve goals by using processes. By using processes, the organization teams can replicate the defined steps and frequently accomplish the expected results. The resultsRead more →