Red Hat Acquires BPM Technology from Polymita

Yesterday it was announced that Red Hat acquires BPM technology from Polymita. The deal accelerates Red Hat’s entry into the BPM software segment and augments its JBoss Enterprise Middleware integration software offerings. “The ability to change rapidly is an absolute necessity for businesses in today’s enterprise environment. Organizations that do not empower their business usersRead more →

Advertisement optimization for billboards

Roman Novak posted an interesting article one DZone about advertisement optimization for thousands of billboards. It’s an interesting use case of Drools Planner that has been in production for over a year. To increase revenue, it maximizes matching the requirements of the advertisers, such as target audience, media size, campaign frequency, … Read it here:Read more →

Continuous planning video

Every week, a hospital needs to create a nurse roster. That roster needs to continue from last week’s roster, without changing the past. Also, nurses want to know their free days weeks in advance. This is known as the problem of continuous planning. Here’s a video how Drools Planner deals with it. This implementation isRead more →

jBPM5 & GSoC 2012

This year, jBPM5 was one of the lucky projects which was accepted in the Google Summer of Code Program. The topic of this year was to build a customizable and pluggable Human Task Lifecycle mechanism to extend the current functionality. Demian Calcaprina is doing a wonderful job researching different alternatives to provide the mentioned features plus givingRead more →

jBPM: What did I miss last 2 weeks?

I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks (was able to escape the Belgian weather and enjoy some France “joie de vivre”), and this time I decided to really leave work behind while on vacation.  That means I’ll probably be catching up on email for about a week or so, but the rest of theRead more →

Simulation in jBPM (draft)

Recently some work has been started to provide simulation capabilities for jBPM. Simulation in many cases means different things to various people so let me start with context information on what simulation means to me and actually what current simulation component is capable of. Simulation of business process is targeting business analysts that work onRead more →

Process and Task Form editing in jBPM Designer

Process and Task Form editing in jBPM Designer is a breeze with many cool features such as: Customizable Form Widgets Live Preview Auto-completion on Process Variables, Globals, Data Objects, Data Inputs/Outputs HTML element completion Search and Search/Replace In the video below we show off these features and demo the creation of both an HTML and aRead more →

Progress “Divests” Savvion – OR – How OSS Mitigates Software Risk

Just two years ago Progress acquired Savvion for around 40mill USD. Some of you may remember my blogs on this subject, as a large proportion of the product consisted of repackaging Drools; but without giving any noticeable due credit. Now Progress has decided to divest itself of Savvion, along with a number of other products. I can imagineRead more →