Add Prometheus datasets for authoring dashboards

In the last post, we walked you through the process of adding CSV datasets for authoring dashboards in DashBuilder. If this is your first time here, DashBuilder is a standalone tool that is also integrated into Business Central to be used by the Datasets editor and Content Manager page for creating dashboards and reporting. Don’tRead more →

Add CSV datasets for authoring dashboards

Dashboards are essential information management tools that play an important role in business automation by providing at a glance awareness into complex business data with the help of visualizations involving key performance indicators(KPIs), metrics, and other key data points related to business or specific processes. DashBuilder is a standalone tool that is also integrated intoRead more →

Time series component for Dashbuilder

As you probably already know, you can use Dashbuilder, a part of Business Central to create pages and intuitive dashboards. In Dashbuilder, Pages are composed of small components that can show any type of data. Dashbuilder provides by default multiple components that users can drag to pages. Recently, we have added a bunch of newRead more →

Introducing Drools Fiddle

Drools Fiddle is the fiddle for Drools. Like many other fiddle tools, Drools Fiddle allows both technical and business users to play around with Drools and aims at making Drools accessible to everyone.  The entry point to Drools Fiddle is the DRL editor (top left panel), which allows to define and implement both fact models andRead more →

Security management in jBPM & Drools workbenches

The jBPM 7 release will include an integrated security management solution to allow administrator users to manage the application’s users, groups and permissions using an intuitive and friendly user interface. Once released, users will be able to configure who can access the different resources and features available in the workbench. In that regards, a firstRead more →