Barcelona JUG this Tuesday 6-OCT-2015: Meet the Drools, OptaPlanner, jBPM and UberFire team!

Almost the entire Drools, OptaPlanner, jBPM and UberFire team will be Barcelona next week. So we ‘ll do a talk at the Barcelona JUG on Tuesday at 19:00. Free entrance of course. The core developers will give an introduction to each of their technologies and answer your questions. If you’re coming, don’t forget to RSVP!

OptaPlanner blog moved + Can MapReduce solve planning problems?

We’ve moved the OptaPlanner blog into the website:’s now fully integrated into the website.To add the new blog to your favorite newsreader, just add the Atom news feed. If you want to contribute an article, add a blog article to this directory and send it in as a pull request. To test-driveRead more →

Which rule engine algorithm is faster: ReteOO or Phreak?

Drools 6.0 comes with the new Phreak algorithm (enabled by default), which is a drop-in replacement for the ReteOO algorithm (which you can still use instead too). The usage hasn’t changed: it still executes the same DRL syntax. But it does open many doors for future optimizations, such as exploiting multi-core machines more efficiently (seeRead more →

Construction Heuristics with multiple variables or multiple planning variables

Lately, OptaPlanner users have started asking questions how to configure the construction heuristics for multiple variables or multiple planning entities. I’ve just enriched the docs to explain that better. Until those are published, I ‘ve copied the relevant section here. Note that this is for advanced users, for normal users the simple configuration should suffice.Read more →

Using OptaPlanner in Camel (for example to expose it as a REST service)

Camel 2.13 will probably include the OptaPlanner component.This makes it easier to integrate OptaPlanner in Camel, for example to expose OptaPlanner as a REST or SOAP service. Read the documentation of camel-optaplanner. Or get the code. WARNING: This is only the first iteration of this component. The tests show it works. Feedback to expand itsRead more →

Tennis club scheduling during a Devoxx lunch

Last week, while attending Devoxx (the biggest Java conference in Europe and arguably the best in the world), I met one of my colleagues, Tobias, who recently faced a tennis club planning problem which he solved manually. He wondered if OptaPlanner could solve it too. So we decided to implement it over lunch. The problemRead more →

Will SkyNET control our schedule if the computer optimizes it for us?

Not every organization is comfortable with letting a computer program, such as OptaPlanner (java, open source planning engine), optimize their schedules. Let’s take a look why – and how to remedy it – on the course scheduling example. Course scheduling In course scheduling, we need to assign each lecture to a time and a place.Read more →