Kogito 0.9.1 released

We are glad to announce the Kogito 0.9.1 release is now available!  This goes hand in hand with the Kogito Tooling 0.3.1 release. From a feature point of view there are only minor changes compared to 0.9.0, but on top of bug fixing we have also spent quite some time on following areas: Kogito documentationRead more →

New community channels on Zulip Chat

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of a new public channel for all projects under the KIE umbrella, i.e. the Kogito, Drools, jBPM and Optaplanner communities !  Zulip Chat channels: https://kie.zulipchat.com/ Inside our KIE organization you will find various streams where you can follow any of the topic discussions, create your own topic to askRead more →

Etymology of Kogito

After writing up an introduction to our Kogito effort, it seems people are interested in hearing a little but more about the name, where it comes from, what the logo means, and (what seems to be the most important question) how to pronounce Kogito?  Yes, there even was a JIRA issue [KOGITO-284] opened to addressRead more →

An intro to Kogito

The KIE team has been working for quite a few months on the Kogito project, our next-gen solution leveraging processes and rules for building intelligent cloud-native applications.   What are we trying to achieve?  Basically, when you as a developer or team are trying to build intelligent cloud-native applications, Kogito wants to help you withRead more →

bpmNEXT 2019 impressions, day 3

This is part of a 5-part blog series on bpmNEXT 2019:Day 1Day 1 (part 2)Day 2Day 2 (part 2)Day 3 Last (half) day where I have to present myself as well (as 3rd of the day). A Well-Mixed Cocktail: Blending Decision and RPA Technologies in 1st Gen Design PatternsLloyd Dugan Lloyd introduced an RPA-enabled caseRead more →

bpmNEXT 2019 impressions, day 2 (part 2)

This is part of a 5-part blog series on bpmNEXT 2019:Day 1Day 1 (part 2)Day 2Day 2 (part 2)Day 3 BPM, Serverless and Microservices: Innovative Scaling on the Cloud    Thomas Bouffard, Philippe Laumay – Bonitasoft Bonitasoft is explaining how they are containerizing their BPM platform as micro-services and using new technology like serverless. ARead more →

bpmNEXT 2019 impressions, day 2

This is part of a 5-part blog series on bpmNEXT 2019:Day 1Day 1 (part 2)Day 2Day 2 (part 2)Day 3 Keynote: Best of Breed: Rolling Your Own Digital Automation Platform using BPMS and Microservices Sandy Kemsley Sandy Kemsley (who is also blogging about the various presentations) is starting off day 2 with a keynote onRead more →