New KIE persistence API on 7.0

This post introduce the upcoming drools and jBPM persistence api. The motivation for creating a persistence api that is to not be bound to JPA, as persistence in Drools and jBPM was until the 7.0.0 release is to allow a clean integration of alternative persistence mechanisms to JPA. While JPA is a great api itRead more →

jBPM6 Developer Guide coming out soon!

Hello everyone. This post is just to let you know that jBPM6 Developer Guide is about to get published, and you can pre-order it from here and get from a 20% to a 37% discount on your order! With this book, you can learn how to: Model and implement different business processes using the BPMN2Read more →

Exercise 1: Public Training San Francisco 2014

In this opportunity we’ll go over one of the exercises you will be able to see in the Drools and jBPM Public Training. It involves rule execution for a particular case:    We’re going to represent the scenario of a cat trapped on a limb, and all the things needed to provide solutions to theRead more →

Drools & jBPM Public Training @San Francisco

If you’re going to the Red Hat Summit on April, take advantage of this opportunity:Plugtree is organizing a public training on Drools and jBPM the week after Red Hat Summit in the San Francisco area for April 21st to the 25th in four different modalities: Drools: April 21st to 23rd jBPM: April 21st, 24th andRead more →

Drools and jBPM Training London: exercise teaser

Greetings everyone! In this post I’ll be showing one of the exercises we will be playing with in the next Drools & jBPM Training in London, October 21-25.  There’s still time to register so go ahead! This exercise shows a process interaction of something us developers and analysts know pretty well: managing requirements in aRead more →

Drools and jBPM Public Training London 2013

I’m preparing a workshop that introduces Business Process Management and prepares you to be immediately effective in using both Drools and jBPM to improve your applications. You will learn how to utilize the different stages of BPM where development is involved, for both versions 5 and 6 of the Drools and jBPM platform.We’ll discuss severalRead more →

Rollbackable Processes + Public Training London 2013!!

(Original post here) This is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for a long time. This post is to show you how to use a new component I’ve made called jbpm-rollback-api, a configurable module that allows you to rollback persistent jBPM process instances to a previous step. It makes it possible by just adding anRead more →

Creating your own Drools and jBPM Persistence with Infinispan

Original post here by me: Hello and welcome to a post in which I intend to show you how to create your own implementation of drools and jBPM persistence. I’ve worked on an infinispan based persistence scheme for drools objects and I learnt a lot in the process. It’s my intention to give you aRead more →

jBPM Form Builder roadmap

Greetings from Argentina. This post will try to cover a general view of where the form builder is right now and where it is going to be in the near future. You can get a current status view from the video below: On this video you can see a great deal of how the formRead more →

jBPM Form Builder follow-up

Greetings! Among the things developed over the last two weeks for the jBPM Form Builder, here are the ones worth mentioning: Script helper refactor: Some of the classes had issues when being stored on the server side, due to dependencies with GWT client-side classes. A small refactor was made to make them GWT independent, and utilizeRead more →