Michael – signing off

Well the time has come for me (Michael) to say goodbye – to Red Hat. I must turn into the force, just as yoda did. I will of course remain a community member – using and developing drools. It has been a blast working on this stuff fulltime for the last few years – andRead more →

Some Tohu videos

Tohu is the project which ads Q&A and “smart form” intelligence on top of drools (and provides a very nice CSS stylable and embeddable jquery based ajax front end as well). (see project page here). Some interesting demo videos made by solnet here explaining how it works: Example 2 (spreadsheet to define Q&A) Example 1Read more →

Drools in Japan (warning: Japanese content !)

Red Hat Japan recently ran a successful training event/workshop on BRMS. Yusuke has been also working on the localization of BRMS’s web UI. slides: http://www.slideshare.net/yusukey/jboss-brms-quick-start: JBoss BRMS クイックスタート View more documents from yusukey. lab-htmls: http://yusuke.homeip.net/diary/files/brms-quickstart/lab1-install/index.html Check out the screenshots of BRMS running in Japanese: lab-projects in github: http://github.com/yusuke/brms-quickstart/ Nice work !

Real time chat…

And now for something completely different… A recent feature request was for a discussion/comment feature for files in Guvnor: The comments are below the “documentation” section (and of course optional) (and there is an Atom feed to them). An interesting addition was using a “backchannel” type connection that is kept open from the browser toRead more →

Loop detection ideas…

A common problem with writing systems in rules, is when you are mutating data (modifying working memory in any way) it is possible to have rules activate themselves over and over, and cause a non terminating loop (also known as an Infinite Loop ;). Now we all know we can’t know for sure (yet) thatRead more →

Frozen areas to make GUI templates…

A feature recently checked in to trunk: an optional attribute to tell the editor to “freeze” parts of a rule. This is useful if you want to give some users access to some rules – but not change the structure (remove bits, add bits, general mayhem). Users with sufficient permissions can edit options, and canRead more →

A take on Drools Boot Camp 09…

These are my notes and pictures – I am sure others will have notes and pictures to post (if you do have pictures, feel free to email them to me and I will share them here, or links to Flickr or whatever…). First day, “state of the union”: We had a few kind-of presentations eachRead more →