Why you need Business Rules in your workflow

Tom Baeyens has a good post on the jBPM (JBoss workflow) community day that was held at the Guinness brewery in Dublin. As you’d expect, the slides have plenty of pictures of people drinking beer, and one or two pictures of people talking about workflow and business processes. (Do not adjust your TV set. ThisRead more →

Drools BRMS Guide (Business Rules Management System)

Shortcut to Drools BRMS end user guide (preview) The aim of Drools (or any other Business Rules Engine) is to get knowledge out of business user’s heads and into a format where it can be copied , edited and peer reviewed , then run 24/7. Ideally, business users should be able to write these rulesRead more →

Scalable Enterprise Drools

If you’re 17 or 18, and about to finish 2nd level school, chances are that you want to apply to a 3rd Level College or University. Here in Ireland you get 100 points for each ‘A’ grade in your final school exams (Leaving certificate), 85 points for a ‘B’ grade and so on. You canRead more →

Life and Death, Rules and RuleFlow

Yesterday I told a friend what I do for a living, and she’s still in shock. I don’t think the words ‘grabbing people’s brains and shoving them into a PC‘ was the most tactful explanation. I wouldn’t recommend explaining Rules and RuleFlow to your boss in those terms either. Unless they already think you’re someRead more →

Pigeons, Complex Event Processing and how to make millions with JBoss Drools

I’m still waiting for the JBoss bouncers to hand me my coat and ask me to leave this blog. Mark gets to talk about Unifying Rules and Processes. Fernando and Michael are very proud of the 2nd version of the Business Rules WebApp . And I get to talk about pigeons. Yep, Pigeons; birds thatRead more →

How Big is too Big?

The JBoss Drools boys have something cool brewing. They already have the most useful GWT (Google Web Toolkit) App that I’ve seen outside of the Googleplex. That’s a fully fledged app ready and waiting to be used in anger, not some example widget, or a test case thrown together by somebody playing with the technology.Read more →