JHipster generator for jBPM Business Apps

If you are a fan of JHipster you can now generate jBPM Business apps with it! We created a generator module for it which you can use as follows: With Yarn: yarn global add generator-jba Or with NPM: npm install -g generator-jba Once installed generate your app with: yo jba and follow the questions. If youRead more →

jBPM Visual Studio Extension – New version 0.6.0 adds jBPM Business Apps debugging

Happy to announce a new 0.6.0 version of the JBAVSC extension for Visual Studio Code. This extension adds process debugging for your business apps! Debugging business app process in Visual Studio Code JBAVSC Github: https://github.com/BootstrapJBPM/jbavscVisual Studio Code Marketplace:  https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=tsurdilovic.jbavsc Here is a youtube vide showing off all the features of this extension: We can make this extensionRead more →

Enabling CORS in your jBPM Business Application

Currently when you generate your jBPM Business Application (online via start.jbpm.org, command-line via the jba-cli package, or in Visual Studio code via the jBPM extension) your app will have CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) disabled by default. With CORS disabled, if you have a consumer app (e.g. React frontend)  which does not live on the sameRead more →

Visual Studio Code extension for generating jBPM Business Apps

If you are developing your apps using Visual Studio Code you can now install a new jBPM Business Application extension. With this extension and the great tooling support of VSC you can now generate, develop, and launch your jBPM business apps without ever leaving your development environment. Here is the youtube video showcasing how to installRead more →

Generate jBPM Business Apps with Node.js Command-line interface (CLI)

In addition to start.jbpm.org there is now an command-line way to generate your jBPM Business Applications, namely with the jba-cli Node package. jba-cli package on npmjs.com Sample CLI usage If you have Node installed locally you can install and run this package with: npm install jba-cli -g jba gen This allows your to build your jBPM BusinessRead more →

Using React as frontend for jBPM Business Apps

React is a very popular and powerful JavaScript framework and is currently one of the best frontend development frameworks out there. In this demo we show how you can easily integrate React into your existing or new jBPM Business Application and consume data from the the out-of-the-box Rest services via React components. React Demo  As usualRead more →

Building jBPM Business Applications with Gradle

  By default jBPM Business Applications generated via start.jbpm.org are build with Apache Maven. Your generated apps also include build scripts (for Unix, OSX, and Windows) which you can use out of the box to build all the apps modules, as well as launch your app in normal or dev modes. Using Maven is fine howeverRead more →

jBPM Business Apps and Okta Single Sign-on (SSO)

Wanted to showcase a new jBPM Business Applications demo that includes easyintegration with the Okta identity management service. The demo uses the developer.okta.com setup and the Okta Spring boot starter to quickly set up SSO for our jBPM Business App. It also shows how easy it is to restrict access to certain pages of yourRead more →

Deploying jBPM Business Apps on Docker

jBPM Business Applications have an out-of-the-box configurations to deploy them as docker containers. We have created the video below to show you how easy it is to do that. The video also shows some useful docker commands to run after you have deployed your jBPM Business app as docker container. Enjoy.

jBPM Business Applications Demo – Process terminal using Spring Shell

So far our jBPM Business Applications demos have involved some sort of web-based UI for interacting with our business processes. Sometimes a web-ui is not needed and working with processes via an interactive terminal is the best way to get this done. In this demo we show how to use Spring Shell inside your jBPMRead more →