Kogito Tooling daily releases

If you are eager to try out the latest features of Kogito Tooling and don’t want to wait for the next release cycle, it is now possible to access the daily builds of our entire stack, including Business Modeler, VS Code Extension, Desktop, and Chrome Extension. How to access it? Every day, we release a newRead more →

Kogito Tooling 0.6.0 Dev Preview 2 Release

We are happy to announce a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! 🎉 The extensions for VS Code and Google Chrome are also available. On this release, we did a lot of improvements and bug fixes, they are listed below. Photo by Douglas do Vale New features VS Code KOGITO-2076: Open File API KOGITO-2180: Use KeyboardShortcutsAPI with StateControlAPI (Undo/Redo) KOGITO-2542:Read more →

We are on VS Code Store!

We are happy to announce that our DMN, BPMN and Scenario Simulation editors extensions are now available at the VS Code Store! Finding our extensions in the VSCode store using the browser Last month, the VS Code team released their custom editor as an official API, and we were finally able to publish our tools on VSRead more →

Kogito Online DMN/BPMN Editor and Chrome Extension improvements

Today we released version 0.2.7 of our Online Editor and GitHub Chrome Extension featuring several improvements. Photo by Douglas do Vale Try a sample DMN/BPMN model on online editor Now it is possible to try a sample DMN or BPMN model in our Kogito Online Editor. To do that, you can select the type of the modelRead more →

Kogito Online Editor is available now!

Kogito Online DMN/BPMN editor release We are happy to announce that our team has published the first alpha release of our brand new Kogito Online Editor. It can be accessed here: http://kiegroup.github.io/kogito-online Photo by Douglas do Vale What is the Kogito Online Editor? The Kogito Online Editor provides a simple way to edit DMN and BPMN files directlyRead more →

Importing a subset of branches into Business Central

Recently we added a new feature in Business Central: the option to choose which branches to import while importing a project. Photo by Douglas do Vale When importing projects from a repository, you can select only the branches that you want to persist in Business Central. In Business Central, click Menu → Design → Projects. Select or createRead more →

Role based access control for branches on Business Central

To continue the work done in the Contributors feature, another functionality was added to evolve the new way to manage security permissions in Business Central: role based access to branches. Photo by Douglas do Vale This feature can be found in a new project settings section, where the user can customize which contributors’ roles have whichRead more →

Contributors on Business Central

Several collaboration features were added on Business Central. For the 7.23.0 release, we are providing an optional way to manage spaces and projects access. Photo by Douglas do Vale Working with contributors Until now, the only way to grant access to spaces and projects was through the Security Management screen: Security Management screen With the introduction ofRead more →

Branch support on Business Central

Business Central internals are backed by a GIT Java NIO2 implementation. On 7+ series, one of our major goals is to provide an awesome GIT flow experience to our users. Going to this direction, I’ve just pushed multiple branches support for Business Central (web tooling for Drools, OptaPlanner and jBPM projects), that allows users to workRead more →