Audit log mode applied to all audit data

jBPM allows to store so called audit logs in various modes JPA (default) JMS None JPA mode means that data will be stored directly and within the same transaction as process execution. That usually have some additional performance overhead although it’s certainly not significant and unless huge volume is expected is a sound default setting.Read more →

Launch of Business Applications

The time has come – Business Applications are here!!! It’s a great pleasure to announce that the Business Applications are now officially launched and ready for you to get started. Business application can be defined as an automated solution, built with selected frameworks and capabilities that implements business functions and/or business problems. Capabilities canRead more →

Handle service exceptions via subprocess

Interacting with services as part of your business process (or in more general business automation) is a common requirement. Though we all know that services tend to fail from time to time and business automation solutions should be able to cope with that. A worth reading article was recently published by Donato Marrazzo and canRead more →

single zip distribution for jBPM

To simplify getting started experience for users I’d like to showcase a single zip distribution that includes: WildFly server (at the moment version 11.0.0.Final) workbench (aka jbpm console) kie server with all capabilities enabled jBPM case management show case application All of them are perfectly configured and ready to run with just single and shortRead more →