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Integrate Excel with Drools on OpenShift with Knative and Quarkus!

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In this blog post I want to share the results of a technical exploration in bridging, bringing together and integrating a diverse set of technologies and platforms, ranging from classic spreadsheet applications (Excel) to serverless platforms (Knative on OpenShift) to technical rules executed by our rule engine Drools! Introduction This content has been inspired byRead more →

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Transparent ML, integrating Drools with AIX360

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Following up from a previous blog post about integrating Drools with the Open Prediction Service, in this new post we want to share the current results from another exploration work: this time integrating Drools with research on Transparent Machine Learning by IBM. Introduction Transparency is a key requirement in many business sectors, from FSI (FinancialRead more →

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Explaining Drools with TrustyAI

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Introduction to TrustyAI and Drools Explainability is a crucial aspect in modern AI and decision services work; recent laws entitle any person subject to automated decisions to explanations of the intuition behind said decisions. Moreover, people are more likely to trust the decisions of explained models compared to unexplained models (Kim et al., 2022). Furthermore,Read more →

Integrating Drools DMN Engine with IBM Open Prediction Service

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In this blog post we’re going to explore an integration between the Drools DMN Engine and another open source project from IBM: "Open Prediction Service" (OPS). Introduction Integrating symbolic AIs (rule engines, KRR, etc) with Machine Learning predictive models is an effective strategy to achieve pragmatical, and often more eXplainable, AI solutions. We have alsoRead more →

Event-driven predictions with Kogito

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This blogpost introduces the event-driven predictions addon and is the third of my series of event-driven with Kogito posts, after the event-driven decisions and event-driven rules addons. It is available since Kogito v1.12.0 and its behavior resembles what the previous two addons already do for decisions and rules. Key concepts The new addon enables theRead more →

TrustyAI SHAP: Overview and Examples

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SHAP is soon to be the newest addition to the TrustyAI explanation suite. To properly introduce it, let’s briefly explore what SHAP is, why it’s useful, and go over some tips about how to get the best performance out it. A Brief Overview Shapley Values The core idea of a SHAP explanation is that ofRead more →

Counterfactuals; getting the right answer

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Sometimes the result of an automated decision may be neither desired or that which was required. What if there was a tool to find a way to overturn those decisions, maybe changing some of the figures that were provided to the system, and achieve a different outcome? That’s what we’ve been working on lately withinRead more →

Local to global – Using LIME for feature importance

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In a previous blog post we have discussed how to leverage LIME to get more insights about specific predictions generated by a black box decision service. In fact LIME is mostly used to find out which input features where most important for the generation of a particular output, according to that decision service. Such explanationsRead more →

Effective data generation for explaining decision services

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When working with decision services, it’s often hard to understand the rationale behind the output for a given prediction. A noteworthy example is the one related to having a decision service for loan approval denying the loan request to a given user. The user would surely like to know the rationale behind such a denial.Read more →