Webinar: Re-imagining business automation: Convergence of decisions, workflow, AI/ML, RPA — vision and futures

WEBINAR  Title: Re-imagining business automation: Convergence of decisions, workflow, AI/ML, RPA—vision and futures Time: June 20, 2019, 5:00 p.m. BST (UTC+ 1) Registration https://www.redhat.com/en/events/webinar/re-imagining-business-automation-convergence-decisions-workflow-aiml-rpa%E2%80%94vision-and-futures

Scorecards and PMML4.1 support for Drools 5.5

Thanks to our super star community contributor, Vinod Kiran, score cards are coming to Drools 5.5. Initially the PMML4.1 standard is embedded for the Scorecards module. We have a full standalone PMML implementation coming for 6.0, being worked on by Dr Davide Sottara. I hope that Vinod will write a full tutorial in this blogRead more →

Mythic Game Project Addition Artificial Intelligence and Quest System Components (Christopher Alan Ballinger)

Google Alerts brought this extensive masters paper to my attention, by Christopher Alan Ballinger. The paper explains what expert systems are and has a lot of DRL examples to follow.http://www.csci.csusb.edu/turner/690/example_projects/chris_ballinger_masters_project.pdf I’d be interested to see this code published online for others to play with. “In this project, we describe the design decisions and principles behindRead more →

Drools and Machine Learning

I’m Gizil. I am doing my master thesis in Drools project. I’m working on decision trees. I have made an ID3, C4.5 implementation with rule generation. I’m investigating bagging and boosting algorithm in order to produce better rules. I am using Annotations on object fields to be able to process extra information on the attributes ofRead more →

Zementis Drools Case Study

Here at Zementis we have developed a decision engine called ADAPA – Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics (http://zementis.com/products.htm) that offers at its core batch and real-time scoring of predictive models as well as fast execution of business rules. As you readers might have guessed, the rules engine is Drools. I will briefly sketch the coreRead more →