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Event-driven predictions with Kogito

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This blogpost introduces the event-driven predictions addon and is the third of my series of event-driven with Kogito posts, after the event-driven decisions and event-driven rules addons. It is available since Kogito v1.12.0 and its behavior resembles what the previous two addons already do for decisions and rules. Key concepts The new addon enables theRead more →

Introducing process operational monitoring for Kogito

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Monitoring is a well known concept in Kogito: the support for decisions was available since Kogito 0.11 through the Prometheus monitoring add-on. Today we announce that, starting from Kogito 1.11.0, this addon is enhanced to enable monitoring of processes. Unlike decisions, however, the feature is currently limited to operational metrics. The domain metrics section isRead more →

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Event-driven decisions with Kogito

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In 2021 it’s almost undeniable that modern application development needs to target the cloud, given the requirements of flexibility, scalability and availability imposed by today’s world. Event-driven architectures have proven to be well suited models for this purpose. As a result, we’re adopting these principles in several components of Kogito, which aims to be theRead more →

TrustyAI meets Kogito: the decision tracing addon

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New to Kogito? Check out our “get started” page and get up to speed! 😉 This post presents the decision tracing addon: a component of the Kogito runtime quite relevant for the TrustyAI initiative (introduced here and here). One of the key goals of TrustyAI is to enable advanced auditing capabilities, which, as written inRead more →