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BPMN Chrome Extension Released (alpha)

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Are you tired of (impossible) big XML code reviews of BPMN diagrams on GitHub Pull Requests? We know your pain and that is exactly the reason why we just released a new Chrome Extension that allows visualizing and editing BPMN files directly on GitHub’s interface. 🎉 Before diving on details, let’s take a look atRead more →

5 Pillars of a Successful Java Web Application

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Last week, Alex Porcelli and I had the opportunity to present at JavaOne San Francisco 2017 two talks related to our work: “5 Pillars of a Successful Java Web Application” and The Hidden Secret of Java Open Source Projects.   It was great to share our cumulative experience over the years building the workbench andRead more →

Kie Uberfire Social Activities

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The Uberfire Framework, has a new extension: Kie Uberfire Social Activities. In this initial version this Uberfire extension will provided an extensible architecture to capture, handle, and present (in a timeline style) configurable types of social events. Basic Architecture An event is any type of “CDI Event” and will be handled by their respective adapter.Read more →