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BPMN2 Authoring in Drools Guvnor

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Drools Guvnor supports editable BPMN2 process in the browser via Oryx. Oryx is a web-based editor for modeling business processes hosted at Google Code. Oryx is also backed by Signavio, who provide a professionally maintained version of Oryx. Drools Flow is integrated with the BPMN2 process designer provided from the Oryx branch maintained by AntoineRead more →

Configuring Guvnor to use an external RDBMS made easier

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The default Guvnor repository configuration uses embedded Derby databases which writes the workspace and version information to the local file system. This is not always optimal for a production system where it makes sense to use an external RDBMS. We added a new section under the “Administration” tab called “Repository Configuration” which helps generate theRead more →

Creating pluggable operators

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Drools supports creation of pluggable operators. This is a small tutorial on how to create a “str” operator that can be used to compare string values in LHS patterns. The operator adds the ability to write patterns such as: $m : Message( routingValue str[startsWith] "R1" ) $m : Message( routingValue str[endsWith] "R2" ) or $mRead more →