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Order picking optimization in warehouses and supermarkets with OptaPlanner

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  During the pandemic year, we saw many stores and supermarkets adapt their business in several ways. Sometimes these changes occurred from day to day. For example, as a consequence of the sharp decrease in customer physical visits, online orders increased exponentially. How many of them were prepared to deal optimally with this increase…​? InRead more →

Let’s OptaPlan your jBPM tasks (part 2) – BPM Task assigning in the cloud

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  In the following paragraphs we will show that by combining the Kogito business processes with OptaPlanner optimization, it is possible to automatically assign tasks to users. Furthermore, we can optimize those assignments, for example, to ensure that every user has the right skills for executing a task, a fair workload between users is produced,Read more →

Let’s OptaPlan your jBPM tasks (part 1) – Integrating the two worlds

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Traditionally, business process management systems (BPMS) assign human tasks to users on a group basis. This information is part of the human tasks configuration. In the following process, notice how the Resolve Dispute and Notify Customer tasks are configured with the CreditAnalyst and ClientRelations groups respectively: At runtime, every time a new instance of oneRead more →