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Run OptaPlanner workloads on OpenShift, part I.

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Have you ever wondered if OptaPlanner can leverage any cloud platform and scale horizontally? Recently, we have added a new (experimental) optaplanner-operator module that will simplify running OptaPlanner workloads on Kubernetes. In this article I am going to show how to use the OptaPlanner Operator to deploy and scale school timetabling on OpenShift. The sourceRead more →

Real-time planning meets SolverManager

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For some optimization problems it may take minutes or even hours before an acceptable solution is found. The world, however, will not wait until the computation is finished. What if an employee calls in sick or a vehicle breaks down? With OptaPlanner, you can either reload the updated problem, or react in real time byRead more →

OptaPlanner documentation turns over a new leaf

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  For years, OptaPlanner has been offering the documentation in two formats: single-page HTML and PDF. This now changes with the launch a new documentation website, built using Antora. What’s so exciting about the new documentation? First and foremost, it loads instantly as opposed to the old single-page HTML documentation. For example, if I wantRead more →

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How much faster is Java 11?

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Java 11 was released some time ago, although the majority of developers stay on Java 8. Let’s see which one of them is faster for OptaPlanner. The best way to find out is of course running OptaPlanner benchmarks. This article is a follow up on our similar article for Java 8. Benchmark methodology To runRead more →