Last 6 months

20k+ active users of BPMN VS Code Extension

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Last month, we reached an important milestone for our community: 20k+ active users for our BPMN VS Code Extension. It has been a long road since our first prototype in Sep 2019. After several releases and incremental iterations, we are proud to develop the most popular BPMN extension for VS Code. Under the hood, theRead more →

Comparing Choices in DMN Modeling

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Recently in a blog post, Keith Swenson, VP of R&D Fujitsu America and former leader of the DMN “Technical Compatibility Kit,” did a comparative analysis between free DMN modeling alternatives. The author compared TrisoTech DMN Modeler, Camunda, Red Hat Drools Workbench, and our beloved KIE Sandbox. As the results are interesting, I’ve decided to shareRead more →

KIE Tools Highlights – Q3

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Some days ago, we just launched KIE Tools 0.23.0 and wrap-up the deliverables of our team for the third quarter. The main goal of this milestone was to expand the Serverless Workflow tooling to provide the best developer experience for the Serverless Logic ecosystem, with highlights to the new Serverless Workflow visualization! This post willRead more →

KIE Sandbox: top 7 key new features

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In the last months of 2021, the “.NEW environment” (, received a massive update, and now it’s named KIE Sandbox! Dealing with complex models and collaborating with others has just become much easier.In this blog post, let’s go for a walkthrough of the top new features of KIE Sandbox. A fresh “.new” Home PageRead more →

Last Year

Kogito Tooling Released! 10k+ installs on BPMN extension, Dashbuilder Runtime in Quarkus, and an outstanding KIE Live next week!

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We have just launched a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! 🎉 On the 0.14.1 release, we made a lot of improvements and bug fixes. This post will give a quick overview of our most recent releases. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t miss the KIE live next week Our beloved .new environment will receive aRead more →

All other

Automatically generate BPMN/DMN SVG on VS Code

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To provide better integration with the KIE server and Business Central, on the Kogito Tooling 0.14 release, we introduced a way to, on VS Code, automatically generate SVG on each save of your BPMN and DMN Diagram. Take a look at this feature in action: How to configure it To auto-generate on VS Code theRead more →

Business Central SSH Key-Based Authentication

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Do you know it is possible to authenticate to Business Central Storage (niogit) using SSH Key-Based Authentication? If you don’t, let’s learn how we can do it in this post. Business Central storage internally is git-based and we also expose cool additional features to more advanced use cases. One of these hidden gems of BusinessRead more →

Kogito Tooling 0.12.0 Released!

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We have just launched a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! 🎉 On the 0.12.0 release, we made a lot of improvements and bug fixes. We are also happy to announce that this release marks the first iteration of our ‘DMN deploy on OpenShift’ feature, and also we have a lot of improvements on our DMNRead more →