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Upgrade Drools version

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We sometimes see questions regarding Drools version upgrade. Most of those questions are about how to change the old API usage in Drools 5 or 6. In this article, I’m going to guide how to change your code to work with the latest Drools version (7.70.0.Final as of now). API If you are using oldRead more →

Drools basic examples

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Drools community discusses various usage, issues and questions on google group ( , and zulip chat ( daily basis. When we discuss the usage of a specific feature or syntax (for example, "accumulate"), our documentation ( is the best resource but there may be cases where users stumble when they try a little different thing fromRead more →

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Rule Impact Analysis

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After you develop rules and put the system into production, you will need tomaintain the rules to keep up with business requirements. Basicallytests should ensure the correctness and integrity of the updatedrules, but while you work on updating the rules, you might want toknow the "impact" of your changes. Rule impact analysis feature helps you.Read more →