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New web app for SonataFlow deployments

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The Serverless Logic Web Tools has the deploy on OpenShift functionality to deploy your Serverless Workflows. After you deploy a Serverless Workflow it’s possible to execute them through normal POST requests.Since the KIE Tools 0.32.0, you can use the SonataFlow Deployment web app, to easily run your workflows directly from your deployment. It provides aRead more →

Introducing the new Serverless Logic Web Tools UI

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We are thrilled to announce the release of a major update for Serverless Logic Web Tools. With this update, we have revamped the user interface (UI) and introduced several new functionalities that enhance the overall user experience. To redesign the UI, we relied on the Patternfly React Components from, ensuring responsive support. Installation TheRead more →

New feature: Serverless Workflow code completions

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Starting to write a valid workflow can be a bit difficult and requires you to remember the syntax with the node’s properties and the specification’s rules.We implemented a new feature in Serverless Workflow Editor to guide the user and make this process easier resulting in a richer IntelliSense editor.Here we will have a quick overviewRead more →

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An improved ‘Spreadsheet like’ experience on DMN Editor

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The boxed expression editor is a key component of the DMN Editor. In previous articles, we introduced the new implementation of this component.In this article, I’ll show how I extended the component, implementing the keyboard navigation for faster DMN editing. Requirements VSCode (1.46.0+); DMN Editor plugin (0.20.0+); Here, there is a ready-to-use online version ofRead more →