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Refactoring the Drools Compiler

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In the past few weeks we have been working hard on redesigning the architecture of Drools the rules engine and the rest of our ecosystem of runtime engines. In this blog post I want to focus a bit on the refactoring of the KnowledgeBuilder, a core component of the build infrastructure of the v6-v7 APIs.Read more →

The Road Towards a Public API (part 2)

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In my last post I described the principles guiding the design of the new programmatic API. As I promised last time, in this blog post I would like to give an overview of new API capabilities that this new design would enable. One downside of having an API that is tightly-coupled with the implementation ofRead more →

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Introducing Kogito API Incubation

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You have learned to love the powerful Kogito codegen capabilities. You just drop your asset to your source directory (or you feed it to the powerful operator) and you get a fully-functional REST endpoint for free. However, from day one we understood that automated code-generation would bring you only to a certain point. That is why we wanted to provide a great programmatic API. Yet, so far we were not confident enough to open up the internal API that we were using as our code generation target. The reason is that we wanted to get it right first. We are now happy to release a first version of our new public API in incubation state starting from version 1.13!

Kogito 1.0: Build-Time Optimized Business Automation in the Cloud

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For the last few months, here at KIE team we’ve been hard at work. Today I am proud to announce that our cloud-native business automation platform is hitting a major milestone. Today we release Kogito 1.0! Kogito includes best-of-class support for the battle-tested engines of the KIE platform: the Drools rule language and decision platform, the jBPM workflow and process automation engine, the OptaPlanner constraint satisfaction solver; and it bringsRead more →

Kogito: A Modular Codegen Design Proposal

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Originally posted here My favorite topic of discussion last year was moving computations to compile-time. In fact, I went to a few conferences explaining how moving processing out of your run-time and into build-time, is a conceptually simple but extremely effective way to make your applications lighter. This was sometimes received with little enthusiasm: theRead more →

drools.js: Towards a Polyglot Drools on GraalVM (with Bonus Tech-Lead Prank)

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Image courtesy of Massimiliano Dessì You can find the full source code for this blog post in the submarine-examplesrepository. Different programming languages are better for different purposes. Imagine how hard would it be to query a database using an imperative language: luckily, we use SQL for that. Now, imagine how useless would a rule engineRead more →