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Serverless Drools in 3 steps: Kogito, Quarkus, Kubernetes and Knative!

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This short tutorial walks you through the configuration and deployment of a simple Drools serverless application, including autoscaling with scale to zero, thanks to Kogito, Quarkus, OpenShift Serverless with Kubernetes and Knative! Step 1: Drools app creation with To generate the application as shown in the video, you can use this link: TheRead more →

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Using JavaScript and Power Fx with DMN

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In this short update, I want to share with you about an experimental feature to leverage the extensibility of the DMN specification to evaluate expressions using a plurality of expression languages, such as JavaScript, Power Fx, and potentially many more! For the running example in this post, let’s use the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculationRead more →

Data enrichment use-case with DMN and BPMN

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In this post I want to share an interesting use case of data enrichment, using DMN with BPMN and other open standards. The typical usage pattern for data enrichment is the following: a complex data structure containing several attributes is provided as input; based on some computations and decision results, the original structure is enrichedRead more →

Last Year

How to Capture Business Decisions using DMN: Introduction to Some Basic Patterns and Their Value

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I am very glad for the opportunity to have presented at IIBA this session on DMN patterns with Denis Gagné CEO & CTO of Trisotech! how business analysts can use the DMN open-standard to capture the requirements for operational business decisions some of the recurring basic patterns in modeling (Q&A, Scoring, Classification and Categorisation, Ranking..)Read more →

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Intelligent Kafka message routing using Drools DMN Engine and Apache Camel

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In this post I want to share an interesting use-case of Healthcare message routing, which we implemented using the Drools DMN Engine and Apache Camel, in order to route and dispatch Patient’s Admission-Discharge-Transfer message types to the required Kafka topics and therefore queuing the message to the appropriate sub-system. I believe it is both aRead more →