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Kogito Tooling history and custom Envelopes

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Since the beginning of Kogito Tooling our goal has been clear — We want to bring existing (and new) components and features to different mediums, allowing users to choose what works best for them. This post covers a little bit of the development history of our project and also presents a new concept called Custom Envelope, whichRead more →

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts on Kogito Tooling

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Today we merged our new Keyboard Shortcuts API. It gives editors the power to add custom reusable keyboard shortcuts that work in all channels! For the existing editors — BPMN, DMN and SceSim — we maintained the same mapping, but we did some under-the-hood enhancements that will make the experience even better. The coolest featureRead more →

Kogito Tooling Chrome Extension improvements

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This week we released version 0.2.5 of our GitHub Chrome Extension featuring a major improvement — GitHub Personal Access Token and GitHub’s official API integration. This update allows users to provide a Personal Access Token to the extension so that the BPMN/DMN editors can be used on private repositories and also so that we can avoid delaysRead more →