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New KIE persistence API on 7.0

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This post introduce the upcoming drools and jBPM persistence api. The motivation for creating a persistence api that is to not be bound to JPA, as persistence in Drools and jBPM was until the 7.0.0 release is to allow a clean integration of alternative persistence mechanisms to JPA. While JPA is a great api itRead more →

jBPM Form Builder roadmap

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Greetings from Argentina. This post will try to cover a general view of where the form builder is right now and where it is going to be in the near future. You can get a current status view from the video below: On this video you can see a great deal of how the formRead more →

jBPM Form Builder follow-up

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Greetings! Among the things developed over the last two weeks for the jBPM Form Builder, here are the ones worth mentioning: Script helper refactor: Some of the classes had issues when being stored on the server side, due to dependencies with GWT client-side classes. A small refactor was made to make them GWT independent, and utilizeRead more →