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Efesto refactoring – Introduction

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This post is meant as an introduction of the overall motivations, goals and choices around the Efesto initiative. Premise Originally, "Drools" (and its repository) was meant only as a "rule engine", and all the code was built around this paradigm. Over the years, new engines have been created that used, more or less, the "ruleRead more →

Shopping recommendations in PMML – Kogito at Work

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In a previous post (Shopping recommendations in PMML) we built the main infrastructure for making personalized shopping recommendations depending on the customer shopping history. The companion project was meant to demonstrate a standalone implementation of the Trusty-PMML engine. In this post, we will show how to invoke the engine on a remote Kogito instance. KogitoRead more →

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Shopping recommendations in PMML.

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In previous posts (PMML revisited and Predictions in Kogito) we had a glance at how a PMML engine has been implemented inside Drools/Kogito ecosystem.This time we will start looking at a concrete example of a recommendation engine based on top of PMML.The first part of this post will deal with the ML aspect of it,Read more →

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A Genetic Algorithm with Trusty PMML

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Recently, I’ve stumbled upon this interesting article and paired project about a Genetic Algorithm. Then, I’ve asked myself if somehow the features of Trusty PMML could be meaningfully used inside such context. I won’t go deep into technical details, but basically, the Genetic Algorithm classifies features as "genes", a set of genes is a "genoma",Read more →

Predictions in Kogito: PMML endpoints with OpenAPI

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Introduction PMML is an XML standard whose scope is to define different kinds of predictive models (Regression, Scorecard, Tree, Neural Network, etc) in a system-agnostic way, so that it may be used and shared by different systems/implementations. The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs which allows both humans and computersRead more →

PMML revisited

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Hi folks! The beginning of this year brings with it the initiative to re-design the Drools PMML module. In this post I will describe how we are going to approach it, what’s the current status, ideas for future development, etc. etc so… stay tuned! Background PMML is a standard whose aim is to "provide aRead more →