Last week

Deploying Dashbuilder Dashboards

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Dashbuilder files are plain YAML which makes it easy to author dashboards using the online editor. The next natural step is to publish this dashboard for public access and this is what we cover in this article! What is Dashbuilder after all? Dashbuilder is a web application that can run dashboards in different modes: EDITOR:Read more →

Announcing Dashbuilder Quarkus Extension

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We are glad to announce that we released the Dashbuilder Quarkus extension! You can now render dashboards directly in your Quarkus app! Installation To start using this extension simply add the following dependency to your quarkus app pom.xml: Then your *.dash.(yaml|yml|json) files will be available in /dashboards web context. Configuration You can map specific dashboardRead more →

Last 6 months

Qatar World Cup Goals Statistics Dashboard

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In Dashbuilder 0.26.0 we introduce Dark Mode, echarts as native library and global properties.  To showcase these features let’s explore a Qatar World Cup 2022 Goal Score dashboard! Check the dashboard online FIFA World Cup Goals Statistics Dashboard The dashboard shows a summary of goals and matches. The cards on top offer an overview ofRead more →

Announcing Dashbuilder VSCode extension

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We are glad to announce that the Dashbuilder VS Code editor has been released! With this extension you can create dashboards using YAML files on local VS Code, VS Code Web ( and also published on Open VSX marketplace. The extension can also be downloaded as part of KIE Tool 0.25.0 release. How to createRead more →

Last Year

Create dashboards using YML with Dashbuilder

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Creating a dashboard using pure YML from data from any JSON document is now possible using Dashbuilder! You are not even required to install anything, just access Dashbuilder Online Editor and start your dashboard! How it was possible Dashbuilder was moved to Kogito Tooling and the client was decoupled from the backend. With this changeRead more →

JSON DataSets in Dashbuilder

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Datasets providers run on the same process as Dashbuilder, which means that if you only use a specific provider, all the others are idle, as part of Dashbuilder. In addition to that, we need to maintain all providers.  In the most recent release a new dataset provider type was added: External Data Sets. With ExternalRead more →

Announcing DashBuilder 0.14.1

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We are glad to announce that we are releasing DashBuilder 0.14.1! The major change for this new release is the adoption of Quarkus as the backend for Dashbuilder Runtime and the introduction of Dashbuilder Authoring, a new tool to create dashboards. The project code has also moved to Kogito tooling, which means that it willRead more →