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Kogito Tooling i18n update

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With our previous release, we’ve introduced a new feature to our i18n library. When we first came up with this library we thought about a simple approach. A typesafe i18n library, and if it’s necessary a text modifier, we just need to wrap them with simple HTML tags, for example <b> and <i>, and useRead more →

Embed your BPMN and DMN models!

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In the last release, we have introduced a new feature that will enable you to embed your BPMN and DMN models on any web application with an iframe. Let’s have a better look at it. We have updated our toolbar on the Business Modeler Preview, and now under the “Share” menu, there is an “Embed” option.Read more →

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Kogito Tooling i18n

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We’re happy to announce that Kogito Tooling is ready to be internationalized! This means that it will be possible to change the locale and access translations of the Kogito Tooling Channels. To enable this new feature, we developed an i18n type-safe library with React usability in mind, which allows simple and easy integration with anRead more →