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DMN Runner inputs persistence

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The DMN Runner has been a fundamental part of the KIE Sandbox, and it is still evolving. In the last release, we have the pleasure to introduce a new feature that will make a huge improvement on the runner UX. The persistence of your DMN Runner inputs! Now, the KIE Sandbox saves all your inputsRead more →

Kogito Tooling i18n update

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With our previous release, we’ve introduced a new feature to our i18n library. When we first came up with this library we thought about a simple approach. A typesafe i18n library, and if it’s necessary a text modifier, we just need to wrap them with simple HTML tags, for example <b> and <i>, and useRead more →

Embed your BPMN and DMN models!

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In the last release, we have introduced a new feature that will enable you to embed your BPMN and DMN models on any web application with an iframe. Let’s have a better look at it. We have updated our toolbar on the Business Modeler Preview, and now under the “Share” menu, there is an “Embed” option.Read more →