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Case Management in Kogito

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I want to explain how to bring Case Management to Kogito using the tools that flexible processes provide. Previously I introduced flexible processes in Kogito. See part 1 for a generic introduction and part 2 to see it in action. I would like to highlight that I will not cover all the concepts described inRead more →

Flexible processes in Kogito – Part 2

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In the previous blog post Flexible processes in Kogito – Part 1 I talked about the new components and functionalities for flexible processes introduced in Kogito 0.12.0. In this post I will walk you through an example process putting all this in practice. Service Desk process The flexible-process-quarkus example is available in the kogito-examples GitHubRead more →

Flexible processes in Kogito – Part 1

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What are flexible processes you might be wondering about? If you are familiar with Case Management you will get it quickly. If not, I suggest you start here. As a brief introduction. In Case Management there is the concept of Case that is opened. Then the knowledge workers will perform tasks or update the Case-relatedRead more →