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Kogito 1.7.0 released!

We are glad to announce that the Kogito 1.7.0 release is now available! This goes hand in hand with Kogito Tooling 0.10.0 and Kogito Images, Operator, and CLI 1.7.0 release. From a feature point of view, we included a series of new features and bug fixes, including: Process SVG addon now works directly with theRead more →

Kogito Task Management API

In a previous post we discussed the task process API, which dealt with tasks from a process perspective. As explained in there, the task model depends on data defined by users. But, regardless of the task related information provided by users through BPMN processes, every existing task in Kogito has some predefined fields, mainly relatedRead more →

Getting started with TrustyAI in only 15 minutes

Hi Kogito folks, In the previous blogposts we demonstrated how to deploy a Kogito service together with the TrustyAI infrastructure on an OpenShift cluster https://blog.kie.org/2020/12/how-to-integrate-your-kogito-application-with-trustyai-part-1.html.If you are new to TrustyAI, we suggest you read this introduction: https://blog.kie.org/2020/06/trusty-ai-introduction.html In this blogpost, we’d like to demonstrate how to get started with TrustyAI in ~15 minutes. In orderRead more →

Kogito Serverless Workflows at OpenShift Commons Briefing

Last Monday, we gave a brief overview of the Kogito implementation of the CNCF Serverless Workflow, named Serverless Workflows, at OpenShift Commons Briefing. You can watch the recorded presentation here: Highlights: 2:50 Introduction to the CNCF Serverless Workflows 14:05 Overview of the Kogito Project 19:34 Event-Driven Applications Use Case Example 33:55 Kogito deployment model onRead more →