Blog improvements

As you might have noticed, we made some changes to our blog. The most interesting change is probably that you can now directly DZone vote an article up or down. So, if you found Kris’s Towards Case Management article as interesting as I did, be sure to vote it up with the button on theRead more →

Drools&jBPM Boot Camps 2011 USA – Sponsorship Needed

I previously mentioned our next planned USA 2011 bootcamp: We are seeking sponsorship to help make this happen. These have been great events with growing numbers.San DiegoSan FranciscoSo if you want to help make a 2011 event happen, then please let me know. Maybe your a rules or workflow based consulting company that wants toRead more →

Gremlin: A Graph-Based Programming Language

Gremlin is an interesting DSL, based on XPATH, for traversing graphs:“Gremlin is a Turing-complete, graph-based programming language developed for key/value-pair multi-relational graphs called property graphs. Gremlin makes extensive use of XPath 1.0 to support complex graph traversals. Connectors exist to various graph databases and frameworks. This language has application in the areas of graph query,Read more →

Declarative REST Services for Drools using Spring, Camel and CXF

5.1CR1 has just been tagged and is being released, while that’s happening I thought I’d blog the new declarative services for drools-server. For those wanting to just dive in, download this .war and just unzip into TomCat. Once that’s unzipped you should be able to look at and run the test.jsp to see it working.Read more →

Michael – signing off

Well the time has come for me (Michael) to say goodbye – to Red Hat. I must turn into the force, just as yoda did. I will of course remain a community member – using and developing drools. It has been a blast working on this stuff fulltime for the last few years – andRead more →

Camel Integration with Drools Pipeline

Here Lucaz (Lucas Amador) and I take the first approach to integrating Apache Camel with the Drools Pipelines project ( first stage of the drools-pipeline/drools-camel project includes just the Apache Camel dependencies and two simple tests thatuse Drools VSM (Virtual Service Manager) to show how we can interact with a Drools session going through aRead more →

[Off Topic] Back from my honeymoon

As some of you know I got married last month and have been away on a long honeymoon, but I’m finally back 🙂 I’ll make this a small off topic personal entry, hope people don’t mind. We climbed Kilimanjaro, probably hardest thing I’ve ever done. We walked for 5 days to reach the main ascentRead more →

Real time chat…

And now for something completely different… A recent feature request was for a discussion/comment feature for files in Guvnor: The comments are below the “documentation” section (and of course optional) (and there is an Atom feed to them). An interesting addition was using a “backchannel” type connection that is kept open from the browser toRead more →