Google Summer of code

Its the time of year for Google summer of code applications. JBoss (with Fedora) has been accepted again as a mentoring organisation.  “Students” can apply to work on a project (Google pays them). The JBoss proposals (so far) are here on the wiki. (It is possible to suggest other ones). Obviously the ones on thatRead more →


With QT now going LGPL, I think it is now definitively the best way to do cross platform GUI development. It would also seem that QT would be the “vendor neutral” way for IBM and Sun to move forward on a single toolkit, to avoid the Swing vs SWT debate which neither side will backRead more →

Drools Job Posting – Drools Designer (Croatia)

Another job posting came in, so thought I’d highlight it in the blog. Drools DesignerWe are currently recruiting for an experienced software engineer with specific knowledge of Java and Rules engines, ideally DROOLS. You must have several years experience as a developer/ designer in enterprise environments, have an excellent grasp of rules engine concepts, supportingRead more →

Google Summer of Code project

Anton Arhipov (a drools contributor who has worked on some Eclipse stuff in the past) – got a proposal accepted as a Google Summer of Code project. His project is to make Guvnor (the BRMS) work with multiple content types – and more importantly have “pluggable” content editors (something that is kind of new toRead more →

JavaOne 2008

Whilst Mark or Edson’s proposals for JavaOne 08 were not accepted (they made the mistake of not including Netbeans or Glassfish in the titles ;), Michael will be attending. Not doing any specific presentations, but happy to talk, do some ad-hoc demos and generally hang out. I will be around the JBoss/Red Hat stand atRead more →

Google Summer of Code Deadlines extended

The GSoC application deadlines have been extended until 7th of April, as detailed here. I preveiously discussed the Drools GSoC projects here. For the lazy I’m listing those below again, so please hurry about get your applications in here: Subversion/CVS and JCR synchronisation. This allows our web based BRMS, called Guvnor, to synchronise it’s contentRead more →

Business Rules Forum – Quick Notes

As Mark mentioned in a previous blog, we are attending the 10th Business Rules Forum in Orlando. Tuesday (October 23rd) was the first presentations day and I had the opportunity to watch a few interesting presentations. In the morning I watched the keynote with Ronald Ross: “The Hitchhicker’s guide: from Business Rules to Enterprise Decisioning”ItRead more →

How to have your emails ignored

As the Drools mailing list volume increases I thought I’d make a tongue in cheek etiquette guide to go on the mailing lists info page, We aren’t really that formal or strict yet, but hopefully it will help keep the traffic noise down as we grow. Feed back welcome 🙂 How to have yourRead more →

Featured Drools Jobs in Brazil and UK

We’ve just had two new job postings placed on our Drools job board, Remember you can see the last 5 job posting in the job board widget in the right side panel of this blog. Red Hat, UK – Senior Drools Consultant JBoss consulting services team is looking for a JBoss Rules expert toRead more →