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How to have your emails ignored

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As the Drools mailing list volume increases I thought I’d make a tongue in cheek etiquette guide to go on the mailing lists info page, We aren’t really that formal or strict yet, but hopefully it will help keep the traffic noise down as we grow. Feed back welcome 🙂 How to have yourRead more →

Featured Drools Jobs in Brazil and UK

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We’ve just had two new job postings placed on our Drools job board, Remember you can see the last 5 job posting in the job board widget in the right side panel of this blog. Red Hat, UK – Senior Drools Consultant JBoss consulting services team is looking for a JBoss Rules expert toRead more →

JBoss Rules/Drools jobs on Jobserve

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Jobserve is a website in the UK that has 80% of the IT job advertising market; as such it’s a great bell weather to get an idea of market rates and tech popularity. For the first time JBoss Rules/Drools jobs have finally started to appear in number, with good rates too. Simply type “jboss rules”Read more →