The DMN Cookbook has been published

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) Standard offers something no previous attempt at standardization of decision modelling did: a simple, graphical effective language for the documentation and modelling of business decisions. It defines both the syntax and the semantics of the model, allowing IT and Business teams to “speak the same language”. It also ensuresRead more →

The Drools Executable Model is alive

Overview The purpose of the executable model is to provide a pure Java-based representation of a rule set, together with a convenient Java DSL to programmatically create such model. The model is low level and designed for the user to provide all the information it needs, such as the lambda’s for the index evaluation. ThisRead more →

An Open Source perspective for the youngsters

Please allow me to take a break from the technical/community oriented posts and talk a bit about something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Stick with me and let me know what you think! Twenty one years ago, Leandro Komosinski, one of the best teachers (mentor might be more appropriate) I had,Read more →

DroolsJBPM organization on GitHub to be renamed to KieGroup

   In preparation for the 7.0 community release in a few weeks, the “droolsjbpm” organization on GitHub will be renamed to “kiegroup”. This is scheduled to happen on Monday, March 13th.    While the rename has no effect on the code itself, if you have cloned the code repository, you will need to update yourRead more →

AI Engineer – Entando are Hiring

Entando are looking to hire an AI Engineer, in Italy, to work closely with the Drools team building a next generation platform for integrated and hybrid AI. Together we’ll be looking at how we can build systems that leverage and integrate different AI paradigms for the contextual awareness domain – such as enhancing our complexRead more →

Drools & jBPM are Hiring

The Drools and jBPM team are looking to hire. The role requires a generalist able work with both front-end and back-end code. We need a flexible and dynamic person who is able to handle what ever is thrown at them and relishes the challenge of learning new things on the fly. Ideally, although not aRead more →

Drools & jBPM are Hiring – Web Developer needed for Low-Code/No-Code framework

This position is now filed. Thank you.——The Drools & jBPM projects are looking to hire a web developer to help build and improve our low-code/no-code web framework and workbench. This framework is trying to make it possible to model business applications, end to end, fully within a web based environment – utilising data models, forms,Read more →

Packt is doing it again: 50% off on all eBooks and Videos

Packt Publishing has another great promotion going: 50% off on all Packt eBooks and Videos until April 30th. It is a great opportunity to grab all those Drools books as well as any others you might be interested in. Click on the image bellow to be redirected to their online store:

50% off on all Packt eBooks & Videos

Packt Publishing has a great promotion going on right now. They are offering 50% off on all Packt eBooks and Videos until March 2nd. It is a great opportunity to grab all those Drools books as well as any others you might be interested in. Click on the image bellow to be redirected to theirRead more →

Barcelona JUG this Tuesday 6-OCT-2015: Meet the Drools, OptaPlanner, jBPM and UberFire team!

Almost the entire Drools, OptaPlanner, jBPM and UberFire team will be Barcelona next week. So we ‘ll do a talk at the Barcelona JUG on Tuesday at 19:00. Free entrance of course. The core developers will give an introduction to each of their technologies and answer your questions. If you’re coming, don’t forget to RSVP!