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Kogito Serverless Workflow event formats

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The Serverless workflow specification relies on CloudEvents for event publishing and consumption. CloudEvents are designed in a way that might work with any event format. That goal is achieved by declaring the data property, the one containing the event information, as an array of bytes.  Kogito Serveless workflow expects that incoming and outgoing events representRead more →

Serverless Workflow Expressions

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Expressions are an essential feature of Serveless Workflow Specification. They are everywhere and they are powerful. As you should already be aware if you have ever watched a superhero movie, with great power comes great responsibility. In the Kogito universe, when discussing expressions, this famous sentence means there is a risk you will overuse them.Read more →

Kogito Task Management API

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In a previous post we discussed the task process API, which dealt with tasks from a process perspective. As explained in there, the task model depends on data defined by users. But, regardless of the task related information provided by users through BPMN processes, every existing task in Kogito has some predefined fields, mainly relatedRead more →