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Integrate Excel with Drools on OpenShift with Knative and Quarkus!

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In this blog post I want to share the results of a technical exploration in bridging, bringing together and integrating a diverse set of technologies and platforms, ranging from classic spreadsheet applications (Excel) to serverless platforms (Knative on OpenShift) to technical rules executed by our rule engine Drools! Introduction This content has been inspired byRead more →

a DMN FEEL handbook

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We’re introducing an (experimental) DMN FEEL handbook, an helpful companion for your DMN modeling activities! You can access this new helpful resource at the following URL: Key features include: FEEL built-in functions organised by category tested and integrated FEEL examples Responsive design: easily access on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop from your favourite browser! …andRead more →

Last Year

Using JavaScript and Power Fx with DMN

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In this short update, I want to share with you about an experimental feature to leverage the extensibility of the DMN specification to evaluate expressions using a plurality of expression languages, such as JavaScript, Power Fx, and potentially many more! For the running example in this post, let’s use the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculationRead more →

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Content Based Routing with Quarkus and Kogito

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This is a second iteration of a previous post, where we implemented EIP patterns using just Drools and Apache Camel. In this post instead, I want to share with you how to implement a complete, end-to-end Content Based Routing solution using Quarkus as a developer platform, including: Drools DMN Engine, Kogito, Apache Camel, AtlasMap andRead more →

Intelligent Kafka message routing using Drools DMN Engine and Apache Camel

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In this post I want to share an interesting use-case of Healthcare message routing, which we implemented using the Drools DMN Engine and Apache Camel, in order to route and dispatch Patient’s Admission-Discharge-Transfer message types to the required Kafka topics and therefore queuing the message to the appropriate sub-system. I believe it is both aRead more →

DecisionCAMP Monthly event on 2021-01-19

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On 2021 January 19th, Mario and myself will present at the perpetual DecisionCAMP monthly events! Since DecisionCAMP 2020 held virtually, the organizers have decided to institute a series of perpetual meetups, in addition to the annual conference; you can join the community following the instructions here. Event Title Kogito: Cloud-native Business Automation Event Abstract KogitoRead more →

DMN Validation updates: Kogito and migration to Executable Model

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In this article, we will describe some of the recent updates to the DMN Validation module (kie-dmn-validation) and how the migration to make use of the Executable Model enabled a number of use-cases, such as porting the functionality on the Kogito platform. Introduction The Drools DMN Engine provides static and semantic validation of DMN models:Read more →