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KIE & Log4j2 exploit CVE-2021-44228

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Log4J 2.x is a widely used Java logging framework. Unfortunately a few days ago it has been exposed to an important security vulnerability (“Log4Shell”, CVE-2021-44228).  The whole KIE ecosystem (Kogito, Drools, OptaPlanner and jBPM) moved to SLF4J, a different logging facade with Logback as default implementation, a few years ago and it is therefore notRead more →

The Drools Executable Model is alive

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Overview The purpose of the executable model is to provide a pure Java-based representation of a rule set, together with a convenient Java DSL to programmatically create such model. The model is low level and designed for the user to provide all the information it needs, such as the lambda’s for the index evaluation. ThisRead more →