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Drools & jBPM Workshop – Barcelona (10th Dec)

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Hi All! This is me again with some great news! We are planning a meeting in Barcelona to show the new tooling provided by Drools & jBPM 6. The event will be hosted by BarcelonaJUG as we did last year but this year we are aiming to do a more workshop oriented event, where you can attendRead more →

Camel Integration with Drools Pipeline

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Here Lucaz (Lucas Amador) and I take the first approach to integrating Apache Camel with the Drools Pipelines project ( first stage of the drools-pipeline/drools-camel project includes just the Apache Camel dependencies and two simple tests thatuse Drools VSM (Virtual Service Manager) to show how we can interact with a Drools session going through aRead more →