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We are on the Chrome Store!

A while ago, we released our Chrome Extension as a developer extension (you can read more about it here), and now we are happy to announce that we published our BPMN, DMN & Test Scenarios Editors for GitHub extension on the Chrome Store. Now it’s simple and easy to start using it. Here is a quick example:Read more →

What is new on Kogito Tooling from Foundation Team perspective — April/May/Jun 2020

Recently, we had a lot of cool new features on Kogito Tooling added by Foundation Team. Those features are distributed on Kogito Tooling latest releases! This post will do a quick overview of those. I hope you guys enjoy it! Visual Code Store Extension Release Last month, the VS Code team released its custom editor asRead more →

We are on VS Code Store!

We are happy to announce that our DMN, BPMN and Scenario Simulation editors extensions are now available at the VS Code Store! Finding our extensions in the VSCode store using the browser Last month, the VS Code team released their custom editor as an official API, and we were finally able to publish our tools on VSRead more →

Business Modeler Preview Enhancements

On the latest Kogito Tooling releases, we introduced some awesome UX tweaks on our Business Modeler and we expect it will improve even more your experience using it. We hope you like it. 🙂 Validations on uploaded files We included file type validations on the drag and drop area and also on the file upload button: Drag andRead more →

What Foundation Team created for Business Central — June 2020

Recently, we pushed new features on Business Central added by Foundation Team. Those features are available soon at 7.39 release. This post will do a quick overview of those. I hope you guys enjoy it! Improvements on Business-Central REST API adding the groups/roles operations available in the UI We included in our REST API most of theRead more →

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts on Kogito Tooling

Today we merged our new Keyboard Shortcuts API. It gives editors the power to add custom reusable keyboard shortcuts that work in all channels! For the existing editors — BPMN, DMN and SceSim — we maintained the same mapping, but we did some under-the-hood enhancements that will make the experience even better. The coolest featureRead more →

Business Modeler Desktop Preview Released

Last month, our team released a new import piece of our tool belt, the Business Modeler Desktop. This modeler is a multi-platform standalone application that enables you to quickly create and edit DMN and BPMN assets on your Desktop. This post will do a quick overview of this cool new tool. I hope you guys enjoy it!Read more →

Business Modeler Hub Preview Released!

Last month, we released a new piece of our tooling strategy, the Business Modeler Hub Preview. A single place where you are just one click away from all our tooling channels. The Hub is available on all platforms: Linux, Windows, and macOS. You can also download it via the Business Modeler website. Business Modeler Hub Preview Currently,Read more →

Workspace collaboration via change requests

A new feature has just been integrated into kiegroup master branches and is available in Business Central releases. This new feature is the workspace collaboration via change requests. Introduction The possibility to work with multiple branches in the Business Central authoring environment is highly productive, which makes it necessary to provide a way for usersRead more →

Lists as DMN boxed expressions

Literal expressions, Decision Tables, Contexts, Relations, Functions, and Invocations are quite powerful boxed expressions already. However, now our editor supports Lists as a new boxed expression type. Lists represent a group of FEEL expressions. You may use it to define complex items for a particular decision, check this example: Notice that each cell of this listRead more →