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Optimizing COVID-19 vaccination appointment scheduling

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COVID-19 vaccination appointment scheduling has proven to be a world-wide challenge. People eligible for vaccinations haven’t been able to secure appointments despite repeated attempts. Those scheduled for vaccinations sometimes arrive at a vaccination center only to learn that their appointment has been canceled. Others find that they share the same vaccination time window with hundredsRead more →

How much faster is Java 15?

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Java 15 was released on the 15th of September 2020 and has promised to bring with it a few performance tweaks in its G1GC and ParallelGC garbage collectors. What does it mean for OptaPlanner? Are there any benefits to be gained from upgrading from JDK11 to JDK15? In 2019, we found out that ParallelGC worksRead more →

Solve the facility location problem

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We have created a new quickstart that extends OptaPlanner use case portfolio with the facility location problem and also demonstrates building a cloud-native application using Quarkus, the new Java Native stack. The facility location problem The facility location problem consist of a set of potential facility locations and a set of consumer points that needRead more →

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Let’s OptaPlan your jBPM tasks (part 1) – Integrating the two worlds

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Traditionally, business process management systems (BPMS) assign human tasks to users on a group basis. This information is part of the human tasks configuration. In the following process, notice how the Resolve Dispute and Notify Customer tasks are configured with the CreditAnalyst and ClientRelations groups respectively: At runtime, every time a new instance of oneRead more →

Mechanic scheduling (part 1) – Can OptaPlanner keep up with a keynote audience of thousands?

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This year, my team and I participated in the Red Hat Summit keynote. In front of 7000 people, we demonstrated real-time scheduling, reacting on input coming from the audience’s smartphones. In the past 2 months, we created this application together with the other middleware teams and under the excellent guidance of Burr Sutter. It integratesRead more →