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How much faster is Java 17?

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  Java 17 (released yesterday) comes with many new features and enhancements. However, most of those require code changes to benefit from. Expect for performance. Simply switch your JDK installation and you get a free performance boost. But how much? Is it worth it? Let’s find out by comparing the benchmarks of JDK 17, JDKRead more →

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Mechanic scheduling (part 1) – Can OptaPlanner keep up with a keynote audience of thousands?

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This year, my team and I participated in the Red Hat Summit keynote. In front of 7000 people, we demonstrated real-time scheduling, reacting on input coming from the audience’s smartphones. In the past 2 months, we created this application together with the other middleware teams and under the excellent guidance of Burr Sutter. It integratesRead more →

Java Reflection, but much faster

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What is the fastest way to read a getter from a Java class without knowing the class at compilation time? Java frameworks often do this. A lot. And it can directly influence their performance. So let’s benchmark different approaches, such as reflection, method handles and code generation. The use case Presume we have a simpleRead more →

Does A.I. include constraint solvers?

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The A.I. winter is over. For a few years now, the interest in Artificial Intelligence technologies is growing again. Not just from us, A.I. geeks. Business sees the potential to invest. To acquire new funding, many research projects are rebranding themselves as A.I. technology. Often justified. But not always. Can Constraint Solvers use the A.I.Read more →