Drools, jBPM and Optaplanner Day: September 26 / 28, 2017 (NY / Washington)

Red Hat is organizing a Drools, jBPM and Optaplanner Day in New York and Washington DC later this year to show how business experts and citizen developers can use business processes, decisions and other models to develop modern business applications. September 26, 2017 in New York September 28, 2017 in Washington DC This free full day event will focusRead more →

Is Optimization AI or OR?

With the renewed interest in AI the same conversations are starting to come up again, about what is or isn’t AI.  My recent discussion was on whether optimisation products, such as OptaPlanner, are considered AI as some considered it more Operations Research (OR). For some background, OptaPlanner started out as a Tabu Solver implementation, butRead more →

Red Hat BRMS and BPMS Roadmap Presentation (Nov 22nd, London)

Original Link :  http://www.c2b2.co.uk/red_hat_brms_and_bpms_roadmap_presentation Featuring Drools, jBPM, OptaPlanner, DashBuilder, UberFire and Errai For our second JBUG this November we’re delighted to welcome back Red Hat Platform Architect, Mark Proctor who will be part of a panel of speakers presenting roadmap talks on each component technology. We’re fortunate to have this opportunity for so many projectRead more →

Domain Extensions for Data Modeller

Walter is working on adding domain extensions to the Data Modeller. This will allow different domains to augment the model – such as custom annotations for JPA or OptaPlanner. Each domain is pluggable via a “facet” extension system. Currently, as a temporary solution, each domain extension is added as an item in the toolbar, butRead more →

Drools 6 Performance with the PHREAK Algorithm

Drools 6 introduces a new lazy matching algorithm. The details of that algorithm have been covered in two previous blogs: R.I.P. RETE time to get PHREAKY PHREAK Stack Based Evaluations and Backward Chaining The first article discussed performance and why the batch and lazy aspects of the algorithm, make it hard to compare. “One finalRead more →

Drools & jBPM Community versus Product

A question that comes up often is what is the difference between community and product versions – or .org vs .com for short. What is the difference between Drools and BRMS. As there is no product for jBPM5 yet, I’ll focus on Drools and BRMS – but the arguments are the same. BrandingFirst let meRead more →

CHR 2010 (Constraint Handling Rules)

I’ll be a guest speaker at this years CHR 2010. CHR 2010 – The Seventh International Workshop on Constraint Handling Rules. “The CHR 2010 Workshop will be held July 20, 2010 in Edinburgh (Scotland) at the occasion of ICLP 2010 (part of FLoC 2010), the premier international venue for presenting research in logic programming. TheRead more →

Knowledge-based Locomotive Planning for the Swedish Railway

Knowledge-based Locomotive Planning for the Swedish Railway The link above is the master thesis of Dr. Volker Scholz written in 1998. It discusses the knowledge-based approach for locomotive planning. The algorithms could be adopted and applied to logistic planning in general. Drools Solver and the upcoming Drools Fusion are well suited for this problem domain.

Drools Solver

Geoffrey De Smet has been busy working on the Drools Solver module, which will hopefully be part of the next major Drools release. Drools solver aims to efficiently solve search based problems finding a valid solution from large search areas. It currently provides implementations for Tabu, simulated annealing and Local search. I personally hope toRead more →