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Introducing process operational monitoring for Kogito

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Monitoring is a well known concept in Kogito: the support for decisions was available since Kogito 0.11 through the Prometheus monitoring add-on. Today we announce that, starting from Kogito 1.11.0, this addon is enhanced to enable monitoring of processes. Unlike decisions, however, the feature is currently limited to operational metrics. The domain metrics section isRead more →

Kogito Process Eventing Add-ons

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This post  illustrates the usage of Kogito add-ons which, during process execution, in an asynchronous way, are either publishing information to an external destination or waiting for a particular event to be triggered by an external source. This external actor will be in all cases configurable and typically, although not necessarily, will consist of  anRead more →

Automatic connections with Line Splicing

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Line splicing is a feature available in BPMN and DMN editors that allows dropping a node on top of a connector in order to automatically split it into two connectors and perform the right connection assignments. This way, the authoring process gets smoother and more intuitive once the user doesn’t need to do the connectionsRead more →