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Emergency Service Drools Application

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Hi there, the following video shows the Emergency Service Drools Application. This application show Drools and jBPM5 in action. We will be updating this application to show an end to end application using all the platform features. (video link) (github repo renamed -> You can get the source code cloning the github repo: more →

Drools Flow: Variable Persistence Strategies

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As community contributors, we would like to introduce one of the new features that will be part of the upcoming Drools Flow 5.1 release: pluggable variable persistance. This new feature allows you to define how to persist your process data (aka the process variables), in a relational manner. The main idea of this feature isRead more →

Drools vs jBPM personal experience

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This comment was published in The Server Side web page ( in response of some comments asking about the differences and the overlap between two projects from JBoss: jBPM and Drools low. The Drools team saw my comments on the site and invited me to publish them here. It’s my experience and the reason whyRead more →