OSWorkflow Books and Drools Integration Chapter

Diego Adrian Naya Lazo has just published an OSWorkflowBook “OSWorkflow: A guide for Java developers and architects to integrating open-source Business Process Management”. I’ve no idea if the book is any good or not but it has a whole chapter on Drools integration:Chapter 5 introduces and integrates Rules engine and Drools open source rule engine.Read more →

Drools RuleFlow gains subflow and milestone support

Drools 4.0.1 will include SubFlow and Milestone support, below shows a screenshot of the new pallet. For more information on WorkFlow patterns see http://workflowpatterns.com. Drools 4.0.1 will also include a new Number Guess example that shows a recursive rule flow. Here you can see the Rule Flow branch constraint editor with context assist. As mentionedRead more →

Conways Game of Life updated for Rule Flow

As promised I finally got round to updating the popular Conways Game of Life example so it can be executed with both agenda-groups and ruleflows for execution control. So now people have a good example to study when trying to learn the two concepts. (click to enlarge images). With agenda-groups we specify the stack executionRead more →

RuleFlow Constraint Editor and Code Completion (includes screenshots)

Code completion has just been added to the constraint editor for ruleflow ‘splits’ and ‘joins. ‘and’, ‘or and ‘xor’ type logic can be applied and the constraint used for each branch. The same constraint language is used as the left hand side (LHS) ‘when’ part of a rule, and that constraint monitors the Working Memory.Read more →

Making decisions with Rule Flow and more wonderful screenshots :)

Kris has worked his magic again and it’s now possible to make decisions on ‘split’ and ‘join’ nodes in Rule Flow. ‘split’ nodes now support ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘xor’ type decisions while ‘join’ supports ‘and’ and ‘or’. The beautiful part of this is its fully tooled and the decisions are specialised rules, so you canRead more →

RuleFlow (Kris Verlaenen)

A new feature has been added to the JBoss Rules code, allowing users to create a graphical flow chart that defines the order in which rule sets should be evaluated. This blog shows some examples on how to use ruleflow. Ruleflow will be available in the next milestone release, and really anxious users can alreadyRead more →