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Kogito Process Eventing Add-ons

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This post  illustrates the usage of Kogito add-ons which, during process execution, in an asynchronous way, are either publishing information to an external destination or waiting for a particular event to be triggered by an external source. This external actor will be in all cases configurable and typically, although not necessarily, will consist of  anRead more →

Kogito Task Deadlines

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At the beginning of the second decade of the twenty-first century we can still claim that smart humans are more clever than average machines. On the other hand, we probably have to admit that any machine is more reliable as a scheduler and reminder than an average human. So, when we face a task thatRead more →

Kogito Task Management API

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In a previous post we discussed the task process API, which dealt with tasks from a process perspective. As explained in there, the task model depends on data defined by users. But, regardless of the task related information provided by users through BPMN processes, every existing task in Kogito has some predefined fields, mainly relatedRead more →

Kogito User Task Process API

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It can be argued that the greatest technical advances in the history of humankind (agriculture, wheel, steam machine, printing…) have augmented production while reducing human effort. This does not imply that these advances have removed human intervention altogether. On the contrary, they have allowed humans to focus on the most relevant parts of the productionRead more →

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