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Security management in jBPM & Drools workbenches

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The jBPM 7 release will include an integrated security management solution to allow administrator users to manage the application’s users, groups and permissions using an intuitive and friendly user interface. Once released, users will be able to configure who can access the different resources and features available in the workbench. In that regards, a firstRead more →

User and group management in jBPM and Drools Workbenches

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Introduction This article talks about a new feature that allows the administration of the application’s users and groups using an intuitive and friendly user interface that comes integrated in both jBPM and Drools Workbenches. User and group management Before the installation, setup and usage of this feature, this article talks about some previous concepts thatRead more →

Drools & jBPM get Dockerized

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Docker is becoming a reference to build, ship and run container-based applications. It provides an standard, easy and automated way to deploy your applications. Since latest 6.2.0.Final community release you can use Docker to deploy and run your Drools & jBPM applications in an easy and friendly way. Do not worry about operation system, environment and/orRead more →